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Care Relationship - Going Green Together: Ecojustice in Meeting & School

Date: 10/27/2018    Start Time: 9:30 AM    End Time: 2:00 PM    Location: Friends Center, 1500 Cherry Street, Philadelphia PA

October 27, 20198
Saturday, 9:30am - 2:00pm
Registration fee: $20 pp includes light breakfast & lunch
If cost is prohibitive, please contact us at

Friends Center
1500 Cherry Street, Philadelphia PA

PYM Committee on Friends Education and Friends Council on Education co-host a “Triad Gathering” of Clerks of Meetings, Heads of Friends schools, and Clerks of school committees.
In a day-long program focused on “greening” we’ll explore:
  • What possibilities exist for Quaker Meetings and Friends schools to work together on sustainability measures and eco-justice goals? How do we help each other walk the walk AND talk the talk?
  • What is eco-justice and what is its role in our Meeting / school communities?
  • How does eco-justice connect with spiritual nurturing in our schools and Meetings?

9:30 Registration and light refreshments
9:45 Welcome and Opening Worship
10:00 Panel and Q&A: Schools and Meetings – Coming Together around issues of Eco-Justice and Greening
11:00 Small group discussion
12:00 Lunch
12:45 TRIAD Small group work
What steps toward sustainability can we take together?
How can Friends schools and Quaker meetings continue to work together after this gathering?
1:30 Large group – Sharing of Surprises and Learnings
1:50 Closing Worship
2:00 Farewells and Thank yous!
Exploring the witness of
ECO-JUSTICE in meeting and school communities

Bring people from Friends schools & Quaker meetings together because of our shared missions


Share strategies – What can Friends schools and Quaker meetings learn from each other?



Encourage collaboration

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