Friends Council: Keeping the Q in Quaker Education

Friends Council on Education is the only educational association that focuses solely on nurturing the Quaker essence of Friend schools.

When you give to Friends Council’s Annual Fund, your contribution supports:

Your gift supports programs such as Educators New to Quakerism and Leading in the Manner of Friends. Through these programs educators enhance and deepen their understanding of Quaker education and Quaker process, including Meeting for Worship, Clerking, Quaker-based decision, experiential pedagogy, and more.

Every year Friends Council funds student projects grounded in Quaker testimonies. Your gift can help fund the creation of outdoor nature play spaces, peer mediation programs, student-driven conferences on diversity, race and white privilege, and more.

What is the Q’uniqueness of being the head of a Quaker school? FCE brings Friends school Heads together for networking, support and collaboration across the network of Friends schools. Your giving also allows FCE to support Quaker schools and trustees across the country through workshops on governance, Quaker-based decision making and more.

Would you consider making a gift to the Friends Council Annual Fund and also consider joining the Friends Council Sustainer Program.
Thank you for your support of Friends Council on Education.

I appreciated the time to really dig into what it means to be in a Quaker school, to be part of a Quaker school, and to be ultimately part of the Quaker tradition and its inherent values. This workshop provided me with hope, healing and inspiration.

-Friends School educator who attended ENTQ

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