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Tracie Mastronicola
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5th Grade, 6th Grade, 7th Grade, 8th Grade
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Mission: At San Francisco Friends School, students learn in a community grounded in the Quaker values of reflection, integrity, peaceful problem-solving, and stewardship. Our teachers challenge students with a dynamic curriculum that inspires curiosity, cooperation, and hard work. We teach children to listen to all voices and to trust their own. We engage with the world around us with kindness and conviction, working toward the Quaker ideal of a caring and just society.

Position Summary: SFFS Middle School is home to 220 spirited, socially-minded students in grades 5-8. Our students come to school eager to extend their learning beyond the classroom/school walls. Students and teachers are invested in learning experiences grounded in the principles of service and action fundamental to a Quaker education: students write and deliver persuasive speeches to promote their original re-design of an unsightly open space in the neighborhood, they walk the Tenderloin advocating on behalf of SF’s sizeable homeless population and grade levels attend public hearings to speak their truth about rights and responsibilities of bicyclists on neighborhood streets. Opportunities to get proximate are a priority, as this is where the learning is grounded and refined. Students collaborate with one another and use self-generated questions to design experiments that help them better understand what variables affect change. They design, build, and program robots to act like human cells. They conduct probability experiments by playing games across the grades. Across all contexts, the work is to see from another perspective, to ask about the missing stories, and to make the invisible visible. The work of our Middle School Head, in critical ways, rhymes with these endeavors. As one of the school’s key administrators, the Middle School Head has the privilege and responsibility to lead a faculty in progressive education that includes essential skills in the service of deepening students’ connection to a greater purpose. A premium is placed on collegial and supportive relationships across all constituent groups (administrators, faculty and staff, parents and students). Spirit led decision making and a grounding in Quaker values animate discussion and policy. The MS Head actively and personally engages in students’ school experience, whether taking part in a 6th grade simulation or judging a 7th grade debate. The role also includes support for teachers in both grade level and departmental cohorts, ongoing engagement with parents, and myriad outward-facing programs and events. Fearless in the face of complexity, the Middle School Head leads by example.

Responsibilities include:


Oversee and advocate for the welfare of all middle school students, from our social emotional learning program to student discipline to developmental supports in school. Coordinate the design, review and evaluation of all progress reports and any supporting documents, from communications with parents to the companion document. Support and communicate with the Developmental Support Coordinator, and the Mental Health Consultant, in all issues related to students and families. Serve as an advisor to twelve middle school students. Support the Middle and High School Transition Coordinator.


Lead the faculty by hiring, evaluating and supporting the teaching staff. Plan the work of the division, from divisional meetings, and ongoing professional learning among the middle school faculty. Work with the K-8 Academic Dean and the teachers to monitor, document, communicate and develop curriculum, building both continuity and distinction in the K-4, and K-8 program. Support and help coordinate the middle school Advisory Program.


Communicates regularly with parents about curriculum, school events and the wellbeing of children. Key liaison between the parents and the day to day life of the school. Work with the Parents Association to support and promote shared issues involving the community of the school. Coordinate events that support parent education.

Applicant Requirements:

If you believe you’d be a good fit as the next Middle School Head at SFFS, please submit the materials listed below to Tracie Mastronicola, Academic Dean, at

● Your résumé and a statement of educational leadership

● Responses to the following prompts: Given the myriad demands of a school day, describe a core quality that you bring to every encounter? How do you define equity in the context of a middle school? What are your anchor texts, the ones to which you return again and again?

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Job Posting Expiration Date: 02/15/2019
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5th Grade, 6th Grade, 7th Grade, 8th Grade
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School Name:  San Francisco Friends School
Street Address: 250 Valencia Street
City: San Francisco
State: CA
Zip Code: 94103
Phone: 415-565-0400
Head of School: Mike Hanas
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Day / Boarding: Day Only
Age / Grade Levels: K-8
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Admissions Contact: Yvette Bonaparte
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08/03/2017 250 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

250 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94103 School

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