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GENERAL SUMMARY: The Dining Services Manager has responsibility for efficient management of the food service operation of Pendle Hill. This includes planning and cooking three healthy and delicious meals a day, year-round, for meal service that varies in size from approximately 10 to 120 persons, maintaining a collegial and caring environment, and presenting Pendle Hill’s values as they are expressed through dining services (e.g. locally sourced, non-processed foods; supporting the people who grow and eat the food). Essential parts of the role include: responding to diner feedback with a thoughtful, customer-service approach, ensuring timely & high-quality meal service, astute budget planning and oversight, kitchen staff supervision, and team management.

WORKING ENVIRONMENT: Pendle Hill is a Quaker study, retreat, and conference center that offers programs to people of all faiths and backgrounds.  Pendle Hill offers residential, commuter, and online study programs, weekend workshops and retreats, conferences, scholarship opportunities, publications, bookstore, and rental space on our beautiful 24-acre campus. Pendle Hill is a fragrance-free, pet-free community.


In addition to cooking meals, the Dining Services Manager has lead responsibility for overall kitchen management including:

  1. Leads, supervises and participates in all phases of food handling: preparation and processing, presentation, costing, portion control, recording inventories, ordering and receiving, menu planning, and creating recipes.
  2. Provides excellent customer service to all diners.
  3. Invites and responds to feedback from diners. If necessary, investigates and resolves any complaints regarding dining services.
  4. Follows and enforces ServSafe and OSHA standards for maintenance of health, safety, cleanliness and risk avoidance in the kitchen and adjacent areas.
  5. In conjunction with the Director of Operations, prepares the annual budget and controls/monitors budget expenses on a monthly basis.
  6. Leads weekly Cooks’ meetings and participates in weekly Events Planning meetings. Participates in the events planning and food management for all special events.
  7. Schedules work shifts for kitchen staff.
  8. Supports the Cook/Garden Supervisor to oversee the garden and its contribution to the Kitchen.
  9. Coordinates reports on overall dining operations to the Director of Operations.
  10. Supervises kitchen staff, including effectively training/coaching supervisees, writing performance evaluations, conducting performance reviews, and participating on search committees.
  11. Encourages and models participation in the life of the Pendle Hill community.
  12. Additional duties by request.
Applicant Requirements:


  1. Experience in kitchen management, including leading, supervising and participating in all phases of food handling:  preparation and processing, costing, portion control, recording inventories, ordering and receiving, menu planning, and creating recipes.
  2. Experience professionally cooking from scratch for small and large groups (from 20 to 120 people).
  3. A strong working knowledge of nutrition.
  4. Experience accommodating a variety of dietary needs, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and others.
  5. A demonstrated ability to work under pressure amidst competing priorities.
  6. The ability to work successfully with a wide range of people (colleagues, guests, and trainees) and be flexible as needed.
  7. Experience in budgeting and successfully managing food costs within budgets.
  8.  Experience in supervision of kitchen staff, including hiring, effective training/coaching of supervisees, writing performance evaluations and conducting performance reviews.
  9. An understanding of processing and preserving garden produce.
  10. Experience with OSHA and ServSafe standards.
  11. The ability to work irregular weekly and occasional weekend hours.
  12. Valid driver’s license.
  13. Ability to lift up to 50lbs.



  • Experience sourcing from and building relationships with local and organic farms.
  • Proven success as a supervisor of various kitchen staff.
  • Experience in bread making and dessert preparation.
  • A desire to work in a Quaker community.



·         A highly welcoming attitude and willingness to provide hospitality for members of, and visitors to, the Pendle Hill community. Openness to a wide range of spiritual beliefs and experiences, cultural backgrounds and practices, and differences (of all kinds).

·         Familiarity with Quaker faith and practices, and a commitment to learning more and/or a willingness to gain, deepen, and nurture such knowledge.

·         Appreciation of the role of Quakerism in the mission of Pendle Hill. Please see our mission, vision, and values statements as part of familiarizing yourself with Pendle Hill.

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Job Posting Expiration Date: 05/01/2019
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All Divisions
School Name:  Pendle Hill
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