Evergreen Circle of Friends

You can provide for upcoming generations through a planned gift to the Friends Council by:
  • Making a Meaningful Gift
  • Leaving a Lasting Legacy
  • Securing the Future of Friends Education

The Friends Council on Education welcomes gifts of appreciated securities. You may avoid capital gains tax and take a charitable deduction for the full value of the stock.

A bequest is a gift that can be made by almost everyone involving no immediate loss of capital or income. Tax benefits minimize the ultimate cost to one's heirs.

A trust permits you to make a gift to Friends Council during your lifetime while still receiving the income from capital, securities, or other property involved.

Retirement Assets
You may be able to designate the Friends Council on Education as a beneficiary of your IRA or other retirement plan. This can help to reduce income and estate taxes.

Life Insurance
You can make a gift to the Friends Council on Education by taking an existing policy and making Friends Council the beneficiary; or by gifting a policy to Friends Council for its cash value, which qualifies for a charitable deduction.

To discuss these and other giving options, please email Friends Council or call 215-241-7533.

We look forward to talking with you about sustaining the vital work of the Friends Council on Education.

Paul Smith: Supporting Tuition Aid for Quaker Children Nationally

Paul Smith says he owes a lot to Quaker Education. In the late 1940’s Paul attended Haverford College where he met a number of outstanding Quakers: Gilbert White, President of the College; Archibald Macintosh, Vice President; Gilbert Hoag, Dean; Douglas Steere, Chair of the Philosophy Department; and Rufus Jones, retired Chair of the Philosophy Department.  “I absorbed the character of those men,” says Paul, and indeed he absorbed a whole lot more.

Paul’s experience at Haverford College led him to join the Religious Society of Friends by joining Radnor Monthly Meeting, which he calls his “spiritual home.”  Eventually he was asked to be the Treasurer of Haverford Friends School, a Quaker elementary school under the care of Haverford Monthly Meeting.  Paul also served as Acting Principal of this school on two later occasions.

When asked why he has supported Friends Council on Education for so many years, actually thirteen years in a row, Paul says, “Why not?  The strength of Quakerism has a lot to do with their educational institutions. Many students are eventually led to join the Religious Society of Friends because of their Quaker school experience. Friends Council helps maintain and build these Quaker institutions, and that is very important.”

Recently Paul chose to extend his support of Friends Council beyond his yearly Annual Fund gift by joining the Evergreen Circle of Friends, Friends Council’s planned giving circle.  Paul said, “I noticed recently that I had no Quaker bequest in my will, and I wanted to remedy that oversight.” He recently had received a mailing from Friends Council about the tuition aid to help Quaker children attend Friends schools. “I thought that would be an excellent idea.”  Paul is the first Evergreen Circle member to designate his bequest to Friends Council’s endowment for tuition aid.

It was the national impact of the endowment that caught Paul’s attention and inspired him to add FCE to his will in this way.  “We need to encourage more Quaker children nationally to attend Quaker schools,” says Paul.  “I am very impressed with this effort.  It is a very worthy cause.”

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