Sponsorship Program

Friends Council on Education’s Sponsorship Program is specifically designed for companies and organizations that provide products and services to independent schools. This program offers the opportunity to access a network of more than 115 Friends schools, global affiliates, colleges and educational organizations, through general publicity and advertising options, and the chance for focused participation at events and gatherings throughout the year.

The Basic Sponsorship program runs from September 15  - August 31. Many firms go beyond that, sponsoring specific Friends Council workshops and events in order to gain access to key target groups or special advertising rates.

Basic Sponsorship ($650)

Benefits of Basic Sponsorship include:

  • Visibility from the home page of the Friends Council website, Connect with potential customers through a logo-link on our special sponsors page. Our website is a resource to 21,000 families, 4,400 faculty and staff, and 1,200 trustees in Friends schools in the United States, as well as to the general public around the world, and is the go-to site for publications, job searches and current news in Friends education.
  • Inclusion in our e-book Directory of Friends Schools and Educational Organizations. This e-book is available for download from our Friends Council website. 
  • Subscription to Chronicles of Quaker Education, a print newsletter published annually.
  • Free listing as a sponsor in Friends Council on Education's Annual Report.
  • Social media promotion on Friends Council's Facebook page and Twitter feed.
  • Two free promotions in our e-newsletter, QuakerEd News.
  • Promotional opportunities at our Annual Meeting in April.
  • Access to advertising space on, our online professional forum.
  • Access to advertising space in Friends Council's monthly e-newsletter, QuakerEd News.
  • Access to advertising space in Chronicles of Quaker Education, with a circulation of 7000+.

Targeted Opportunities

Targets are tailored to your company’s desire to reach a particular audience. Each year, Friends Council on Education sponsors a variety of professional development programs, workshops and peer network events. A company may choose to sponsor one or more of these meetings.

Sponsorship of individual events typically involves a personal appearance by a representative from the sponsoring company at the event, often at the beginning of a meal. The sponsor is introduced and gives a welcome. Informational material may be distributed, and the chance to speak directly with attendees is available, usually during the social time either prior to or just after a meal.

When arranging for targeted sponsorships, our goal is to craft a presentation time and space that maximizes exposure for the sponsor, while maintaining a high-quality experience for our constituents.

Target opportunities include:

Programs for sponsorship include but are not limited to:

  • Annual Meeting
  • Heads Gatherings
  • Peer Networks
    Friends school educators working in similar areas across Friends schools, current peer networks include development directors, public relations officers, librarians, admissions directors, technology directors, environmental educators, and heads of schools, among others.

Annual Meeting
Sponsorship of the Friends Council Annual Meeting and luncheon is available. Currently scheduled for April 18, 2019, this is a gathering of our Board of Directors, a majority of Friends school heads and other directors, many of our most loyal contributors, and guests from Friends schools across the country. The event provides a chance to be recognized as a special guest, personally distribute literature and sample packages, exhibit further information on a centrally located display table, and meet informally with board members and invited guests over lunch.

Promotional Opportunities
Promotional opportunities at the annual meeting are included in the General Sponsorship fee. Please contact Friends Council on Education for more information about opportunities for 2018-2019.

Friends Council Professional Online Forum
Sponsors can increase their presence by placing an ad on, our professional and social networking site, which currently has more than 1,200 members and extends to hundreds more Friends school users annually. Recent analytics are available upon request.

Chronicles of Quaker Education
Published annually with a circulation of 7,000+. Sponsor an issue of Chronicles, by placing a display ad. Back issues are archived on our website.

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