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Joint Gathering Featured Speaker: DR. DAVID GLEASONfounder of Developmental Empathy, LLC
The mission of Developmental Empathy LLC is to promote developmentally empathic policies and practices – as described in detail in At What Cost? – in schools that foster competitive excellence among their adolescent students. Ironically, “competitive excellence” often gives rise to intense pressures on students to succeed, pressures that overwhelm their still-developing minds and bodies, and that result in their experiences of chronic anxiety and depression, and to a host of debilitating behavioral outcomes.
Early Childhood/Elementary Heads Event:
a conversation with DR. ROBIN DIANGELO & JACK HILL
White people in the U.S. live in a racially insular social environment. This insulation builds our expectations for racial comfort while at the same time lowering our stamina for enduring racial stress. This lack of racial stamina has been termed “White Fragility.” White Fragility is a state in which even a minimal challenge to the white position becomes intolerable, triggering a range of defensive responses. DiAngelo will be joined by Jack Hill, a diversity consultant, educator, and author, for an in-depth discussion about white fragility and racial inequality. DiAngelo’s book, White Fragility: Why It's So Hard for White People to Talk about Racism, will be available for purchase at the event, and there will be a book signing immediately following the discussion.
  • The Spring gathering also includes Friends Council Annual Meeting Luncheon Celebrating the graduation of the eighth cohort of the Institute for Engaging Leadership in Friends School.



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