Embracing the Tension

Moral Growth in Friends High School

Results from a four-year study of the moral growth of adolescents in Friends upper schools. Findings from the study include the importance of such factors as established processes to deal with conflict, avenues which encourage student voice, meeting for worship, and the role of adult leadership in facilitating moral growth in students.
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Schooled in Diversity

Readings on Racial Diversity in Friends Schools

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A collection of essays, research examples, case studies, and queries, exploring and urging the continuing work toward multicultural change in Friends schools. This book offers frameworks for understanding the issues that arise amid multicultural change and powerful accounts of the process in Friends schools.
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Schooled in Diversity Action Research

Student and African-American Alumni Collaboration for School Change

This volume includes analysis of multicultural change as recounted through alumni interviews from two Quaker schools in the first fifty years since desegregation. In addition, Guidelines to engage in action research around racial change in other school communities are provided for teachers and administrators. This publication serves as a companion to the Council’s Schooled in Diversity: Readings on Racial Diversity in Friends Schools.
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Who Needs Integration

Can Quaker education cope with the hip-hop challenge?

National Public Radio reporter and Friends school alumnus Juan Williams reminds us that the goals of the civil rights movement have not been met and that much remains to be done. He charges Quaker educators to recommit to racial diversity and to meet the new challenges of diversifying schools.
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