A Quaker Book of Wisdom

Beginning with the belief that there is that of God in each person, the author who is the former headmaster of Sidwell Friends School and a tenth generation Quaker, explores the ways in which we can harness the inner light of God that dwells in each of us to guide the personal choices and challenges that we face every day.

Governance Handbook for Friends Schools

A useful resource for boards and heads of Friends schools, the Friends meetings that are in care relationships with Friends schools, as well as for private and independent schools. The revised edition provides guidance in areas of governance that are unique in Friends schools and new material on advancement, effective board process, and building an optimum culture for school leadership and governance.

Leading in the Light

Celebrating 325 Years of Quaker Education in America

This foundational and inspiring collection of writings (essays, poetry, stories) from leaders in Friends education reflects on the history and principles of Quaker education and the defining features of Quaker education in practice. This commemorative publication is perfect for faculty reading and discussion, trustee development, and for the general public as it lifts up the core values from the 325-year heritage of faith and practice in Quaker education.

Principles of Good Practice for Friends School Boards and Every Friends School Trustee

A companion piece to the Governance Handbook for Friends Schools, covering major areas of responsibility and attention in Friends school governance. Queries invite Boards, both as a whole and as individual board members, to consider their work and progress towards good governance.

Readings on Quaker Pedagogy

Philosophy & Practice in Friends Education

 The essence of teaching and learning in Friends schools is explored by four different voices in this collection, perfect for exploration in full and/or departmental faculty meetings.

Friends schools are known to be learning communities centered around Quaker values. This publication from Friends Council emphasizes that the pedagogy in Friends schools — how we teach — is as valuable as what we teach.

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