Mind the Light

Forty-five lessons for teaching Quakerism

by Chip Poston
A compilation of lessons from several Quaker educators. Topics include: meeting for worship, Quaker history, Quaker biographies and autobiographies, Quaker beliefs, Quaker testimonies, and discussion questions to accompany class readings of A Quaker Book of Wisdom. (PDF 3mb) Publication Download
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Orientation to Quakerism and Meeting for Worship

by Chip Poston
An orientation for students to meeting for worship and Friends beliefs. Orientation groups, consisting of ten new students, one Quaker student leader, and a faculty leader, cover such topics as how to use your time in meeting, Quaker testimonies, and Quaker biographies. (PDF, 320 kb) Publication Download
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Quakerism Resource Manual for Small Friends Schools

Teachers and administrators from twelve different schools and the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting gathered to share curriculum and resources in order to create this manual for all Friends schools. (PDF, 2.9mb) Publication Download
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Seventh Grade Quakerism Course

by Melinda Wenner Bradley
A course covering basic beliefs and principles of Quakerism as they relate to the school community. Students study Quaker testimonies, read and discuss biblical stories and symbolism, and explore each person’s “mission or calling to others.” (PDF 5.7mb) Publication Download
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Taking Parents Along on the Spiritual Journey

An Introduction to Quakerism for Parents in Friends Schools

developed by Elaine Crauderueff
A curriculum guide covering basic Quakerism, worship sharing, and Quaker values in parenting. This course helps parents at Friends schools understand and support the Quaker aspects of Friends schools, and nourish them as spiritual seekers as well. Publication Download
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Young Person's Guide to Quaker Faith & Practice

by Richard Bernard
A curriculum on Quakerism for middle to high school students written by the Director of Religious Studies at Wilmington Friends School. Sections include Quaker Beliefs and Testimonies, Meeting for Worship, Quaker Decision-Making, and Quaker History. Download: 608kb pdf Publication Download
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