A Quaker Book of Wisdom

Beginning with the belief that there is that of God in each person, the author who is the former headmaster of Sidwell Friends School and a tenth generation Quaker, explores the ways in which we can harness the inner light of God that dwells in each of us to guide the personal choices and challenges that we face every day.
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Advices & Queries for Friends School Community Life

Inspired by Faith and Practice of twenty-six yearly meetings around the world, Advices and Queries is designed to sustain and deepen the Quaker dimension of Friends school communities as it supports administrators, faculty, and staff in examining how their daily practices and interactions reflect Quaker values.
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Directory E-Book 2018-19

Friends Council on Education

2018-19 Directory of Friends Schools and Educational Organizations
Member Schools in the United States
Global Affiliate Schools
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Friends Colleges in the United States

Growing into Goodness

Is there a Quaker philosophy of education? This book of essays is the result of Lacey’s experience and research on this question. Essays cover such topics as the spiritual purposes of our schools, how schools interpret the phrase “that of God in everyone,”  the place of meeting for worship, the business method, the testimonies in an educational context, finding suitable teachers, and addressing the economics of Quaker education.
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Leading in the Light

Celebrating 325 Years of Quaker Education in America

This foundational and inspiring collection of writings (essays, poetry, stories) from leaders in Friends education reflects on the history and principles of Quaker education and the defining features of Quaker education in practice. This commemorative publication is perfect for faculty reading and discussion, trustee development, and for the general public as it lifts up the core values from the 325-year heritage of faith and practice in Quaker education.
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Meeting for Learning

Education in a Quaker Context

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Parker Palmer challenges us to enlarge our understanding of meeting for worship in order to transform the educational experience into meeting for learning.
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Philadelphia Friends Schools

Philadelphia Friends Schools uses historic images to tell the story of Friends schools' mission to develop the human capacity for love and goodwill, analysis and reflection, respect and responsibility to others—a story that has been experienced by children for more than three centuries.
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Quaker Education: A Source Book

Leonard Kenworthy's comprehensive sourcebook gives a historical account of Quaker education. Published in 1987,  this first edition is a gift to researchers and those curious about Quaker education’s origins, struggles, and potential. Christen Clougherty has put together a revised and "live" collection of research to augment Kenworthy's sourcebook - found here.
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Quaker Testimonies in the Life of Friends Select School

A Scope & Sequence, Grades PreK-12

How are Quaker values imparted in a Friends school? What happens when? This grid articulates when and how Quaker values are imparted within the PreK-12 curriculum of Friends Select School. Prepared by a Quaker faculty member who felt a religious leading to explore the place that Quaker values and spirituality play in the life of her school, this document is a useful example of one school’s documentation, and celebration, of its Quaker life.
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Readings on Quaker Pedagogy

Philosophy & Practice in Friends Education

 The essence of teaching and learning in Friends schools is explored by four different voices in this collection, perfect for exploration in full and/or departmental faculty meetings.

Friends schools are known to be learning communities centered around Quaker values. This publication from Friends Council emphasizes that the pedagogy in Friends schools — how we teach — is as valuable as what we teach.

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Roots & Witness of Quakerism

Identifies how George Fox’s revelation has shaped the Religious Society of Friends and has influenced the education of children in Friends schools. Describes unprogrammed silent meeting for worship, Friends method of conducting business, social witness, and the continual search for truth.
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Toward a Clearer View of Quaker Education

What is Quaker about Quaker education? What do teachers in Friends schools do in their classrooms and in interaction with students and one another that could reasonably be called Quaker? The author argues that the distinctiveness and aim of Quaker education is to nurture a certain kind of personhood in our students.
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What Do Quakers Say? What Do We Do in Quaker Schools?

Friends Council on Education
A colorful and attractive bookmark highlighting Quaker beliefs and characteristics of Friends education.

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What Does a Friends School Have to Offer?

A pamphlet introduction for parents and teachers to the mission of Friends schools, its origin in Friends religious beliefs, and how they are interpreted in the daily life of a school.
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