Partners in Learning and Service

A manual for teachers to facilitate the ElderandChild program: a one-on-one partnership where elder and child pairs are actively engaged in service and learning activities as equals. The Elder and Child pairs in this program, which is currently in place in four Friends elementary schools, learn and serve side by side, helping each other in the process of discovery.

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Face to Face

Lessons Learned on the Teaching Journey

Using stories, dreams, and recollections, Paula Wehmiller takes us back into the sights, sounds, and smells of our childhood to examine those earliest events and experiences which define our identities. She also highlights those hurtful behaviors which damaged our view of ourselves in order to show how those formative occurrences can be healed as we, in turn, try to support the children in our lives.

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Miracle of Bread Dough Rising

A teacher draws upon images, dreams, and memories to tell her story of becoming and being a teacher. Wonderfully evocative recollections which in turn reopen the readers' experiences of school and family.

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