Approved!: A Story About Quaker Meeting for Business

by Nancy L. Haines (Author), Anne E. G. Nydam (Illustrator)

An engaging and clear story about young people using Quaker-based decision-making to discern where to donate money that they collected from their hot dog sale. Includes vocabulary and clear steps to conducting a meeting for business in a Quaker manner. Available through

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Duties & Responsibilities

Clerk of Board of Trustees

Friends School of Wilmington from the Perspective of Bill Ratliff 10.11

Guiding Students in Quaker-based Decision-making

Kiri Harris, Greene Street Friends School

298kb PDF download

Guiding Students in Quaker-based Decision-making


Kiri Harris, Greene Street Friends School
2.6mb PDF download

Levels of Decision-Making

Kay Edstene, former Executive Director Friends Council on Education


Quaker Decision-Making Process

What is it? How do we use it in a Quaker school?

An explanation of the Quaker decision-making process and its applicability to school settings. This pamphlet describes how the process can be applied to large formal groups as well as small ad hoc groups, characteristics needed in the members of the group as well as their responsibilities, decision-making in Friends schools, and problems inherent in the process, as well as solutions.

Quaker-Based Decision-Making Process

From the writings of Arthur Larrabee

Emily Higgs, Director of Quaker Affairs, Haverford College. 57 KB PDF

Student Government in the Manner of Friends

Using Their Powers for Good

Quaker Schools Share their Models for Student Government
This resource was created as part of Kiri Harris' action research project for Friends Council's Institute for Engaging Leadership in Friends Schools. April 2013
Publication download

TORCH - Student Governance Model

Kiri Harris, Greene Street Friends School, (3 mb PDF download)
-TORCH Structure and Processes
-TORCH Leadership at Work
-Giving Younger Students a Voice
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