Advices & Queries for Friends School Community Life

Inspired by Faith and Practice of twenty-six yearly meetings around the world, Advices and Queries is designed to sustain and deepen the Quaker dimension of Friends school communities as it supports administrators, faculty, and staff in examining how their daily practices and interactions reflect Quaker values.
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Faith & Practice, Friends School of Baltimore

Friends School of Baltimore
Illuminates the school's Quaker beliefs and practices. A wonderful resource and model for all Friends schools, this book provides information about how Friends School of Baltimore uses the traditional Quaker testimonies of peace and equality to build a caring, respectful community, while exploring the principles behind decision making, meeting for worship, and cooperation in a Quaker community. 
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Faith & Practice, Friends Seminary

Friends Seminary
Since the gathering of their first communities in the seventeenth century, members of the Religious Society of Friends, or Quakers, have been wary of creeds or other prescribed declarations of faith. However, individual Friends, as well as small groups of Friends and Friends’ Meetings, have issued written statements of their beliefs (testimonies), as well as guidance and advice about ways of being and acting in the world. These expressions of “faith and practice” are living documents, open to revision as Friends engage in the continuing search for truth. This first edition of the Friends Seminary Faith & Practice was prepared with input from faculty, school committee, parents and students and approved by the Friends Seminary School Committee in April, 2012. Friends Seminary Faith & Practice is at once a reflection of our present reality and an expression of our aspirations as an educational community informed by Quaker values.
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Learning & Living in the Light

West Chester Friends School shares Learning & Living in the Light - a combination of testimonies, faith, and practices with family handbook.
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Princeton Friends School Faith & Practice

Living Quakerism at Princeton Friends School, October 2009 

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Testimonies, Sidwell Friends School

Sidwell Friends School's Quaker Life Committee 
Testimonies provides quotations and queries for reflection around nine testimonies, consistent with Friends' conviction that there is "that of God" in everyone: integrity, peace, compassion, simplicity, stewardship, justice, service, learning, and community. These testimonies comprise a living document, which can serve as a basis for continuing exploration and discussion of the values, commitments and practices of Friends school communities.
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