An Introduction to Quaker Testimonies

San Francisco Friends School's Introduction to Quaker Testimonies booklet provides wisdom, quotes, and queries to guide reflection on Friends principles: simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, stewardship/service, and silent reflection. This booklet was created to honor the Quaker roots of the school's mission, to strive to build knowledge and understanding of Quaker values, to welcome children, teachers and parents to Meeting for Worship, and to encourage members of the school community to learn more deeply about aspects of Friends education such as peaceful problem-solving, stewardship, and inclusive decision-making.(28mb PDF)
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Friends Meeting School Spiritual Queries

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For lower grades at Friends Meeting School, we focus on a monthly spiritual theme that relates to a Quaker testimony and we have queries to accompany each spiritual theme. Sometimes students come up with additional queries to support the theme. Four days a week (when we don't have Meeting for Worship) we have a "Centering Time" we center our focus on the month's theme or have an activity related to Peace Skills.

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Craig Sellers, former Head of United Friends School, Quakertown, Pa., shared a simple structure of School-wide study of Quaker testimonies. This community focus has succeeded in boosting the religious center of the school and strengthening the sense of community, with Quaker testimonies guiding the school to its goals. And so began the school’s practice of engaging in a year-long exploration of one testimony, beginning with “community.” Each year, teachers build one testimony as a focal point into their curriculum planning.

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Testimonies - Friends Select School

Filling our Classrooms with SPICES

This booklet reflects the ways in which Quaker testimonies are practiced in the daily life of Friends Select’s lower school division.
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Testimonies, Sidwell Friends School

Sidwell Friends School's Quaker Life Committee 
Testimonies provides quotations and queries for reflection around nine testimonies, consistent with Friends' conviction that there is "that of God" in everyone: integrity, peace, compassion, simplicity, stewardship, justice, service, learning, and community. These testimonies comprise a living document, which can serve as a basis for continuing exploration and discussion of the values, commitments and practices of Friends school communities.
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