Articles, Guided Meditations & Phone Retreats

Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

(36 K .pdf) By Shinzen Young

Break Through Pain

A Step-by-Step Mindfulness Meditation Program for Transforming Chronic and Acute Pain

Young, Shinzen. 2005.

Brief Mindful Activities with Students in their Classrooms

(60kb PDF)

Center for Contemplative Mind

Coming to Our Senses

Healing Ourselves and the World through Mindfulness.

Kabat-Zinn, Jon. 2005.

Communicating Mindfully

Mindfulness-Based Communication and Emotional Intelligence

by Dan Huston, (580kb PDF)

Computer Bell of Mindfulness

Free software for PCs can be downloaded from the Washington Mindfulness Community’s Website

CORE Skills and Habits of Mind
Strengthening the foundation for teaching and learning

(124kb PDF)

Eating Meditation

(28 K .pdf) by Richard Brady

Everyday Blessings

The Inner Work of Mindful Parenting

Kabat-Zinn, Myla and Jon. 1997.

Learning to BREATHE

A Mindfulness Curriculum for Adolescents -

Mind as a Muscle

(28 K .pdf) Two activities for developing concentration power, developed by Irene McHenry

Mindful Listening

(88kb PDF)

Mindful Observing

(40kb PDF) Two brief descriptions of activities.

Mindfulness in Education Initiatives

(128kb PDF)

Mindfulness in Education Network

Resources and practice groups. -

Mindfulness in Education Network (MiEN) listserv

To join the Mindfulness in Education Network (MiEN) listserv, send a blank message to

Mindfulness NAIS February 2011

Mindfulness: A Core Skills Framework for Independent & Public Schools
(11.1 mb .pdf) By Irene McHenry

Mindfulness: Resource List

Compiled by Irene McHenry, PhD, 2016, 70kb pdf
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