A program with curriculum and sample lesson plan for teaching mindfulness skills in

Minding Your Life

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A curriculum for teaching mindfulness in schools - Mind Up.

Opening the Contemplative Mind in Education

(92 K .pdf) An article by Tobin Hart, State University of West Georgia

Pebble Practice

(80 K .pdf) Inspired by Thich Nhat Hahn, developed by Irene McHenry

Practicing Good Will

(116 K .pdf) By Irene McHenry

Schooled in the Moment: Introducing Mindfulness to High School Students and Teachers

(44 K .pdf) By Richard Brady from Independent School Magazine, Fall 2004

Science and Meditation
Comparing Notes from Cognitive Neuroscience and the Laboratory of the Self

(268 kb .pdf) By by Peter Nichols

The Mindful School Leader


The Mindful School Leader: Practices to Transform Your Leadership and School, named one of the ‘Best Books on Courage’ by the Center for Courage & Renewal, is written with school leaders in mind. This inspirational yet practical handbook teaches you how to add mindfulness into your day, bit by bit, whether you are sitting in your office or walking down the hall. With mindfulness, you will get better at managing meetings, responding creatively to complex situations, and achieving resilience—you will become a more effective leader and a more positive force for your staff and students. Features include:

  • Real-life profiles of mindful school leaders
  • Practice exercises to try right away
  • Guidance so you know if you are “doing it right”
  • Hard-to-find resources, including mindfulness apps

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The Miracle of Mindfulness: A Manual on Meditation

Thich Nhat Hanh. 1975.

The Reward is Tremendous

(32 K .pdf) By Richard Brady & Audrey Russek (Sidwell Friends School ’95)

Tuning In: Mindfulness in Teaching and Learning (1-9 copies)


"I am delighted that the contributors to this book have come out to share how mindfulness and concentration can be a pleasure to learn, as well as to teach."
—Thich Nhat Hanh
This collection vividly demonstrates that contemplative methods can be used with any curriculum content. Experientially-based vignettes show children, teenagers and teachers using pebbles, mandalas, literature, beanie babies, yoga, journals, homework, artwork to strengthen the core skills underlying all learning: concentration, observation, relaxation, and open, receptive awareness with a positive, curious attitude. Click here for discount on 10 or more copies.

Price: $15.00
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