Parent Education

Quakerism and Friends Education

Developed by Irene McHenry & Sarah Sweeney-Denham
An outline for and interactive discussion with parents introducing Quaker history and values. Activities are based on readings from the following pamphlets, available for purchase from the Friends Council on Education: Quaker Decision-Making, Meeting for Worship: Written for Students by Students, Roots and Witness of Quakerism, Toward a Clearer View of Quaker Education, and What Does a Friends School Have to Offer?  Click here to download.

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting's Quaker Parenting Initiative

The Quaker Parenting Initiative offers schools a thoughtful, meaningful process of how to:
• Reach out to parents
• Enlighten parents about Quakerism
• Provide parents an opportunity to explore and grow in an understanding of Quaker testimonies and beliefs
• Give parents time to share concerns and delights of parenting with each other while getting to know other members of the community
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Raising Good Kids

Fostering Collaboration Through School-Based Parent Education

Advice and support for parenting middle-schoolers.

Abington Friends School middle school director Russell Shaw urges a partnership between parents and schools, and offers a series of parenting articles. These articles, on topics such as, "Who is your middle schooler?" and "Setting Limits," are meant to be used as a bridge, a way of strengthening the vital home and school relationship, so that both parties can effectively work together in the support of children we care about.

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Taking Parents on the Spiritual Journey

developed by Elaine Crauderueff
A curriculum guide covering basic Quakerism, worship sharing, and Quaker values in parenting. This course helps parents at Friends schools understand and support the Quaker aspects of Friends schools, and nourish them as spiritual seekers as well. Publication Download

Ten Guidelines for Independent School Parents

An article that originally appeared in the educational journal Administrivia, written by Laurence Boggess, former head of State College Friends School.
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