Friends Council On-site Programs

Professional Development Programs delivered at your school by Friends Council staff

The Friends Council on Education provides inspirational and experiential sessions to member schools to nurture the Quaker heart of the schools. Friends Council staff members and program consultants are available to lead sessions at member schools on topics such as: Quakerism, Quaker testimonies, Quaker education, and mindfulness. Programs feature Friends Council literature and are highly interactive in nature. Sessions can be one and a half hours, half or whole day, evenings, or after school. In-service programs for faculty and board development programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of the school. Contact us to learn more: (215) 241-7245.

The Friends Council on Education also provides information on consultants who have worked with Friends school students and faculty. See presenters and their interest areas, at left.

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Mindfulness for Educators

Quakerism and Quaker Education: A Conversation with Parents

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