Facilitating Friends Decision-Making in a Friends School

A Workshop on Clerking with Arthur Larrabee

This workshop will address the attitudes, practices, and skills that can help implement the Quaker decision-making process in Friends schools.
  • How can we use the Quaker decision-making process in Friends schools?
  • How can we develop a clear understanding of roles, responsibilities, and inclusivity, especially as these relate to decision-making in a Friends school?

Tenets of the Quaker Decision-Making Process

  • There is a spiritual energy in the world.
  • We can access the spiritual energy to help guide us in the conduct of human affairs.
  • When we choose to access this spiritual energy, life is more satisfactory – both for the individual and for the institution.
  • There are attitudes, practices and skills that can facilitate this process.
  • For Friends school heads, trustees, division heads, faculty, committee and task force clerks.

    —Arthur Larrabee

    Arthur Larrabee, teacher and consultant, is the former General Secretary of the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. He has led many workshops on clerking, drawing from his long service to the Religious Society of Friends, as clerk of the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, the Committee in Charge of Westtown School, and Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting and as well as numerous committees and boards.

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