First Ever Quaker Makers Peer Network!

Posted On: 11/9/2018 2:44 PM

Friends Council on Education held our first-ever QuakerMakers Peer Network on November 8th. Organized through Friends Council on Education by energetic Maker Space educators at Friends’ Central School and Friends Select School, this peer network was organized around the theme “Perception vs Reality of Maker Spaces” and explored the questions of “What is a Quaker Maker?” and “How do Maker Spaces fit with Friends education?”
This full day workshop highlighted the ways in which the tenets of Quaker education are sewn into the fabric of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) curriculum to foster a safe and healthy learning environment with an emphasis on service, responsibility, hands on learning, and joy. STEAM introduces students to a variety of technological resources and exciting processes that encourage creative problem solving, and cultivate an inner motivation that empowers the student to take ownership of the work that they are doing. Quaker Makers view their surroundings through an inquisitive lens, seeking thoughtful solutions to challenges that arise. They are not afraid to ask questions or make mistakes, and are personally connected to ideas of stewardship and environmental sustainability in the world around them.
The day’s keynote speaker was Jenna Frye who presented on “Kindergarten for Freshmen: Adapting Frobel’s Philosophy to the First Year Experience.” Jenna talked about the importance of recognizing failure as part of learning; in fact, one of her courses is called “Epic Fail.”

Brie Daley of Friends’ Central School talked with colleagues about “Gender Bias and Equality in Maker Spaces.” Michael Darfleur of Friends’ Central School gave a presentation on Quaker pedagogy in the Maker Space entitled, "Creators Welcome. Bullies are Not: Integrating Quakerism and Maker (ism)."  Allison Frick of Friends’ Select School presented on “Instagram is a Liar: and so is Pinterest and Instructables.”


Photos courtesy of Friends' Central School.


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