Friends Education Well Represented at NAIS

Posted On: 2/25/2019 3:11 PM

Each year Friends school educators have a noteworthy presence at the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) Annual Conference. 2019 is no exception! For the second year in a row Friends Council on Education is presenting a workshop and we've learned of nine additional workshops featuring Friends school educators. From workshops on the student experience to leadership and governance, Friends school educators are contributing to the national dialogue on education.

For the second year in a row, Friends Council will have a notable presence at the National Association of Independent School (NAIS) conference. This year’s workshop, “Current Events and Starbucks Moments: Connecting Our School with Its Neighbors to Build Inclusive Communities,” is led by Deborra Sines Pancoe, Friends Council on Education, Toni Graves Williamson, Friends Select School, and Mary Lynn Ellis, Abington Friends School. Attendees will explore how to engage the wider community in groundbreaking conversations around race. Thursday, February 28 at 1:30pm PST. Please join us!

Friends Council learned of the following workshop presentations by educators at our Friends Council member schools.

Thursday Workshops

Jen Halliday, Friends Academy (NY), will present “Empowering the Authentic Child (in a world with an Identity Crisis)

Chris Singler, Friends Select School (PA), will present “Who Runs the World? Students! Seeking Successful Student Administrative Collaboratives.”

Pankti Seval, Friends Seminary (NY), is a presenter in the Fellowship Workshop, “The Gig EconomyL What Questions Should Heads Ask?”

Matt Micciche, Friends School Baltimore (MD), is a presenter in the workshop, "Think Your School is Safe? Think again! Conducting a Policies and Procedure Audit."

Sue Russo, Delaware Valley Friends School (PA), is a presenter in the workshop, “Using Mindlfulness Practices to Support LD Students and Teachers in the Classroom.”

Friday Workshops

Adriana Murphy, Friends Community School (MD) is a presenter in the Fellowship Workshop, “Next Generation EmployeeL Hiring for Cultural Competency.”

Guybe Slangen, San Francisco Friends School (CA) will present on “Letting Their Lives Speak: Harnessing Student Activism and Amplifying Their Movement”

David Brightbill and Ruth Aichenbaum, William Penn Charter School (PA), are presenting “Our Teaching and Learning Center: Five-Plus Years of Innovation, Learning and Community Building.”

Matt Glendinning, Moses Brown School (RI) is a presenter In the workshop "Reimaging Campus Master Planning."





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