Membership in Friends Council

The Board of Friends Council on Education affirms that its membership is comprised of religious schools based on the faith and practice of the Religious Society of Friends. Member institutions are those Friends schools that have been approved by the Board of the Friends Council on Education for membership. 

All member schools meet the criteria for membership below.

  1. The school acknowledges in its catalogues and other published statements of purpose the intent to be guided by the basic tenets and educational aims of The Religious Society of Friends.

  2. The school has given evidence of putting those aims and tenets into practice including:

    • Weekly Meeting for Worship is fundamental to the Quaker essence and character of the school.
    • Some members of the school’s board participate in a committee or task group whose function is to nurture the Quaker dimension of the school.
  3. The school's by-laws or other documents clearly describe the school's affiliation with the Religious Society of Friends.

  4. The school completes a Quaker self-study and Membership Renewal Process at least once every ten years.

  5. A team from Friends Council has visited the school, made recommendations to the school and to the Friends Council board, and the board has approved the school for membership.

  6. The school completes the annual school governance survey and contributes annual membership dues to Friends Council on Education.