Mission Statement

Friends Council on Education provides leadership in drawing Friends schools together in unity of spirit and cooperative endeavors. Friends Council's work nurtures the Quaker life of schools, strengthens the network of support across schools, promotes Friends education through consultations, programs, and publications, and assists in the establishment of new Friends schools. Friends Council helps Friends schools maintain their Quaker identity and ethos, and their relationship with the Religious Society of Friends. Friends Council promotes professional growth for trustees, heads, administrators, and faculty to further the goals of Quaker education, and serves as a voice for Friends schools in the national dialogue on education.


In carrying out its mission, Friends Council on Education supports member institutions in their particular responsibilities as religious schools under the care of or associated with the Religious Society of Friends. Friends Council also provides support to emerging Friends schools. Friends Council's publications and programs on governance, peace education, service learning, community building, and Quaker testimonies in school life promote Friends values so critical to today's society.

Believing Deeply in What Friends Schools Have to Offer
Matthew Micciche