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November 29, 2017

Friends Schools Take Action to Respond to Climate Events

Fall 2017 brought a series of severe climate events across the global. From Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria to the wild fires in California, earthquake in Mexico and devastation in Puerto Rico, the impact continues to be devastating. Many Friends schools have taken action to attend to the conditions of others impacted by these climate change events. Here is a brief snapshot of what some of our Friends Council member schools are doing. And, within our own network, Friends School of Monteverde’s school community in Costa Rica has been impacted by Tropical Storm Nate (shown above) and is in need of support.

New Programming: Leading in the Manner of Friends

On November 6th, Friends Council on Education kicked off a new effort, what we hope will become series of workshops for senior administrators under the heading “Leading in the Manner of Friends.” This year’s peer network gathering for Division Directors and Associate Heads, with inspiration from retired George School Head Nancy Starmer, talked about Quaker values, practices, processes and the impact on leadership and decision-making.

The planning team, including Drew Smith, Friends Council’s Executive Director, Deborra Sines Pancoe, Friends Council’s Associate Director, and Nancy Starmer, worked with the group in analyzing scenarios to prompt discussion about how Friends schools' Quaker missions shape expectations for balancing behavior and interactions of individuals and the community as a whole. At the end the group engaged in a “Chalk Talk” exercise to share out action steps and needed resources.

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Looking Ahead to Summer: July 16-22, 2018
Quaker Pilgrimage to Fox and Fell Country in England

There are still a few spaces left.

December 7, 2017
Crisis Response in Friends Schools with Jen Cort and Brooke Carroll.

New: Counselors and Mental Health Providers Peer Newtork. REGISTER

January 26, 2018
In the Midst of History: Embracing the Tension in Uncertain Times

Diversity Peer Network. REGISTER

February 2, 2018
Librarians Peer Network Gathering

March 2, 2018
Immigration, Sanctuary, Community Engagement (Service Learning Peer Network). REGISTER
Liliana Velásquez and Mark Lyons talk about Liliana's journey from Guatemala to the U.S. in search of sanctuary.

New Leadership Institute Cohort Underway!

The 2017 - 2019 cohort of the Institute for Engaging Leadership in Friends School (IELFS) commenced this month and will engage with one another in the next phase of their journeys as leaders in Quaker education. Led by Irene McHenry and Joe Marchese, with support from Drew Smith, this cohort is the largest ever with 25 students from 22 Friends schools. Friends Council on Education’s IELFS has been underway since 2003. One hundred and seven Friends school educators have already participated in IELFS, graduated, and have gone on to lead in Friends schools in numerous ways. They have also contributed to Quaker pedagogy through their action research projects. Friends Council is eager to see what this next group of leaders in Friends schools does!

Gratitude for Quaker Education

In this season of gratitude and giving, Friends Council on Education invites you to express your gratitude for Quaker education and Friends schools. Support Friends Council as we support Friends school educators across the country. Friends schools teach young people from all walks of life habits of heart and mind so that they may go forth and create a more just and peaceful world. As our country navigates these turbulent times, these are the habits of heart and mind the world needs now more than ever.  Make your gift today!

Announcing: Updated, Second Edition of Leonard Kenworthy’s Quaker Education: A Sourcebook

Are you curious about best practices in Friends school governance? Or are you looking for up-to-date research on an aspect of Quaker pedagogy? In celebration of the 30th anniversary of Leonard Kenworthy’s Quaker Education: A Sourcebook, Friends Council on Education is excited to support and launch the release of an updated, digital, online second edition that will serve as a comprehensive overview of research on Quaker education. Thanks to the work of Quaker scholar Christen Clougherty, this seminal text on Quaker education and Quaker pedagogy now includes recent research on Quaker education and allows educators to upload their own research.


Friends Council Co-Sponsors Community Conversation on Race

Friend Council on Education, along with Abington Friends School, The Race Institute and the HiWay Theater, co-sponsored the screening of André Robert Lee’s “I’m not a Racist...Am I?” and a powerful community conversation about race and racism.


New Friends School to Open in 2018!

The International Friends School (IFS) in Bellevue, Washington (right next to Seattle) is proud to be opening in the fall of 2018 with an early childhood program and then growing one grade after the other until 8th grade.



George School Students Visit Ujima Friends Peace Center (Black Quakers)

By Tom Hoopes, Head of Religions Department, George School

On a mid-October Sunday afternoon, another teacher and I accompanied two full vanloads of Black George School students to the Ujima Friends Peace Center. It was a thoroughly energizing event for all involved! For our students, being in the presence of so many people of African descent doing Quaker worship was hugely uplifting. And for the hosts, they were joyous to see our young people. We were welcomed by Dr. Ayesha Imani, George School alumni parent, member of Germantown Meeting, and founder of the Sankofa Freedom Academy Charter School in Philadelphia, and by fifteen others, including Nia Imani, a George School graduate from the class of 2011. Our students made powerful connections, and we teachers also made contacts with community activists and peace educators whom we plan to bring onto campus. We foresee the establishment of an ongoing relationship with Ujima.

The Ujima Friends Peace Center is a project of the Fellowship of Friends of African Descent, formed in 1991, articulates their three-fold mission as: “To publish and respond to the concerns of Friends of African descent within the Religious Society of Friends; To provide for the nurture of Friends of African Descent, their families and friends; and To address and respond to issues affecting people of African descent in their communities worldwide.”

As a Quaker of European ancestry who works to see Quakerism and Friends education play a leading role as an active force for justice and peace, I see the Ujima Friends Peace Center as a testament that dreams come true! This synthesis of Black and Quaker culture speaking to young people is evidence of Ujima’s commitment to transform themselves and transform the world. How cool is that?

San Francisco Friends School Students Attend Forum with Bill Nye the Science Guy

On November 6th, a class of 8th graders from San Francisco Friends School (SFFS), along with teacher Sara Melman and head of school Mike Hanas, attended a live forum featuring well-known Friends school alumnus Bill Nye the Science Guy. Bill Nye (center) is an alumnus of Sidwell Friends School. Students traveled to the Marine’s Memorial Theater to hear Nye interviewed by SFFS trustee and parent Greg Dalton of Climate One (far right) about the climate crisis. Following the event, students reflected on a series of queries. In response to the query, "in the next 15 years, what can YOU do about climate change?" one student shared, “Like Bill Nye said, something that I can do about climate change is talk about it…It doesn't matter if they believe in climate change or they don't, just talking about it with someone for 5 minutes can help open their eyes to what's happening to our planet, and then maybe they'll talk to someone else about climate change and help change someone else’s mind. When you start helping other people see the issues that need to be seen, that’s when you really open the floodgates of inspiring others to take action.” 

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