Heads' Assistants

We all have a lot on our plates and it feels like time away is just not possible, yet this gathering is rejuvenating and inspiring, and can help bring new energy to your work.
Whether you are new to your position, your head is new to your school or if you are well seasoned, this gathering will have something for you. Strengthen your support network with people who do what you do in Quaker schools. Rev. Paula will speak to inspire, support and nourish both your school life and you personally. Bring your questions, ideas and stories. Relax and enjoy Philadelphia in autumn! 
H I G H L I G H T S  2018-19!
  • Inspiration & teaching from Rev. Paula Wehmiller
  • Tour of Friends Select School
  • Rodin Museum [Bring your walking shoes!]
  • Dinner in Center City Philadelphia - Sabrina's Cafe - 1804 Callowhill Street
  • Time to renew & reflect
Keynote speaker: Rev. Paula Lawrence Wehmiller
"Perhaps best of all, the word ‘Presence’ describes her and what she does. Her presence is a gift she gives generously, and we receive it, and carry it forward with new awareness of the potential in our own gifts, our own ‘presence’.”
David Mallery

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