National Friends Education Fund

National Friends Education Fund (NFEF) is a tuition aid fund to support Quaker children in Friends schools across the country.
Friends Council on Education is committed to sustaining and nurturing the Quaker nature of Friends schools.
We Believe in supporting Friends in Friends Education
  • Increasing the presence of Quaker students and families enhances the Quaker character of Friends schools.
  • Grounded in Quaker practice, robust Friends schools are instrumental to the sustainability of the Religious Society of Friends.
Growth of the National Friends Education Fund through contributions will enable Friends Council to do more to provide tuition aid that can serve as a tipping point for Quaker families to attend Friends schools across the country. Make your gift today.
Double your impact! There is currently a dollar-for-dollar matching challenge for unrestricted gifts to NFEF. Support NFEF today and your gift will be matched, doubling your impact on tuition aid for Quaker children in Friends schools!

Ways to Give to NFEF

What Heads of Schools are Saying

What Donors are Saying

The Journey to NFEF

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