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"For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” (Matthew 6: 21)
The inspiration: Bill and Mary Ravdin’s invaluable contributions to Friends education are heart-driven. Bill Ravdin, in his official “retirement years,” worked steadily and conscientiously to provide pro bono consulting services to small Friends schools across the country. The Ravdin Fund was established as a permanently endowed fund of the Friends Council on Education to continue this essential consulting work with small Friends schools in the tradition of Bill Ravdin. Grants to small Friends schools (250 students or fewer) help to provide consultants in the areas of fiduciary responsibility, long-range financial planning, fundraising, and stewardship of financial resources. 

The need: The stability and future of all schools depend upon sound long-range financial planning, fundraising, and stewardship of resources. For those Friends schools with enrollments of 250 students or less, sound governance in these financial areas often requires a consultant who has the knowledge and expertise to work with the details and context of a small school environment, and the willingness to provide strategic expertise as a pro bono service.

Meeting the need: Small Friends schools with financial need should apply directly to Friends Council on Education for a grant to defray expenses. The head of school must officially approve the request. Funds will be awarded to schools depending on the need and on the amount of funds available.

Guidelines for Application: Grants are available up to $1,000. The school is required to reach out to donors for a 20% match. In this way, the school strengthens its fundraising function, which is a goal for the grant. Grant applications are considered when they are received. As grants are limited, it is best to apply in the spring of the year prior to when the school will need the consultant. Click here to view a list of Governance Consultants. 

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