a Day of Connection, Support, and Sharing

Goals for our time together:
  • Connecting with administrator colleagues from Quaker schools to talk about successes, common challenges, and questions.
  • Strengthening the network of support and collaboration between Friends school educators.
Send your ideas for topics, questions, themes when you register.

Draft Agenda
Arrival and introductions 
9:00  Welcome, overview, and centering silence
Round 1 - Affinity grouping by division level
Including information on the Quaker Schools Learning Collaborative (QSLC) - Hybrid Learning Collaborative
Round 2 - Discussion group choices
Possibilities include:
  • Education in the “Me, too” era - What are we doing to help our communities heal regarding events of the world?
  • Giving and getting feedback - How does the framework of being a Quaker school inform the way we give and receive feedback?
  • Peer observations and building an open door culture.
  • How do Quaker values inform management of difficulty personnel issues?
  • Mental health issues - substance use and abuse.
  • Developing and encouraging growth mindset for professional development.
  • What reflective practices are schools using to understand their culture and practices?
Lunch and networking; sharing surprises, learnings, satisfactions, discoveries from the morning sessions.
Afternoon session – Round 3 - led by and facilitated by Chris & Jonathan
What is the value proposition of a Quaker education?
Why choose a Quaker school for your child?
What language do you use to talk with families?
Evaluation and Closing Worship
What’s next? Planning for 2019-2020 Peer Network Gathering
3:00 Farewells!
Contact Friends Council office if you need tips on public transportation. 



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