Friends Council on Education offers workshops and peer network gatherings for faculty, administrators and trustees of our member schools as a way of strengthening the ethos and dynamic relative to Quaker education.

Our programs are highly experiential . . .

We ask that people register for our programs with a clear commitment to arrive on time and stay the full span of the seminar. Each person's part in building community and creating the workshop's tone and content is crucial. For residential programs staying overnight is encouraged for all, as fellowship and community building are part of the experience. Participants often report learning as much or more from each other as from the facilitators, which is really the point.

Fall Events 2019

S E P T E M B E R    2 0 1 9
Educators New to Quakerism
Thu-Fri SEPTEMBER 19-20 @ Lincoln & Moses Brown Schools, Rhode Island

The Care Relationship - Meetings and Friends Schools
Going Green Together

Sat SEPTEMBER 21 @Friends Center, Pennsylvania

O C T O B E R    2 0 1 9
Quaker-based Decision Making for Student Clerks and Advisors
Thu OCTOBER 3 @Friends Center, Pennsylvania

Un-Columbus Day
Fri OCTOBER 4 @Friends Center, Pennsylvania

Facilitating Friends Decision Making in a Friends School
Mon OCTOBER 7 @Friends Center, Pennsylvania

Heads of Schools Annual Fall Gathering
Thu-Fri OCTOBER 24 @Friends Center, Pennsylvania

N O V E M B E R    2 0 1 9
Heads' Assistants Gathering 
Thu-Fri NOVEMBER 7-8 @ George School, Pennsylvania

Educators New to Quakerism
Mon-Tue NOVEMBER 18-19 @ Pendle Hill, Pennsylvania

Quaker Makers
Thu NOVEMBER 21 @ Friends Select School, Pennsylvania