Educators New to Quakerism Workshops

Regional Offerings: Pennsylvania, New England, New York, North Carolina

Educators New to Quakerism workshops give teachers, staff, and administrators new to Friends schools the opportunity to explore the Quaker identity of their schools. Through engaging presentations and discussions with seasoned Friends school educators on topics such as Quaker history, beliefs, testimonies, and meeting for worship, participants gain a deeper understanding of the strong spiritual roots of their schools.

Learning more about Quakerism gives me a much better understanding of how I as a teacher can interact in the lives of my students and make my class a "meeting for learning."

Schools report that participants return to their communities with a greater understanding of the mission of their schools and renewed energy and enthusiasm for strengthening its Quaker dimension.

ENTQ workshops are highly experiential

Participants registered for this workshop are asked to make a clear commitment to arrive on time and stay the full span of the seminar. Each person's part in building community and creating the workshop's tone and content is crucial. Staying overnight is encouraged for all, as fellowship and community building are part of the experience. Participants often report learning as much or more from each other as from the facilitators, which is really the point.

"I have a much better understanding about the Quaker nature of my school."

“I learned new aspects of Meeting for Worship that I can practice with my class - the skills of listening, sitting in stillness, organizing their thoughts, and learning to speak out of the silence."

"I enjoyed the retreat aspect of this workshop - the time away and calm feelings lead to reflection. The small groups and partner activities provided a chance to network, to learn new perspectives, and to realize that I’m not alone in in my struggles, my hopes, and my joys."

ENTQ Leadership
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Chris Kimberly
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