FEEN - Friends Environmental Education Network

Ecosystem Restoration

Toward a more networked environmental movement in Friends schools post-2020

If you can believe it, our network last gathered in person on the eve of lockdown (Thursday, March 8th, 2020)! In the weeks and months that followed, projects toward sustainability and climate justice at our individual schools went on pause, and the collaborations that we imagined with each other across our network ended before they had begun. 

One-day gathering to re-engage this peer network.

At this year’s gathering, we look forward to renewing our connections and taking stock together of how the landscape for environmental justice education has changed at our schools since 2020.

Our program will be light - a short documentary film, On the Fenceline: A Fight for Clean Air, a workshop or two, some reflective writing opportunities - but mostly the chance to connect, to hear about each other’s work, and to consider how we might be of use to one another once again.

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Dates & Details

May 3, 2024
Friday, [9:00am - 4:00pm EST]
Friends Center
1501 Cherry Street, Philadelphia
$18 validated parking available


Monty Ogden, Friends' Central School & Jonathan Ogle, Westtown School


$60 pp [includes programs & meals]
Limited financial assistance is available.