We all have a lot on our plates and it feels like time away is just not possible, yet this gathering is rejuvenating and inspiring and can help bring new energy to your work.

Whether you are new to your position, your head is new to your school, or if you are well-seasoned, this gathering will have something for you. Strengthen your support network with people who do what you do in Quaker schools.

This retreat was started by the heads of schools to provide a much-needed retreat for the assistants that help keep the school running.

Registration will open soon! Please consider attending!


Dates & Details

November 10, 2023
Friday [9:00am - 8:30pm EST]
Friends Center
1501 Cherry Street, Philadelphia


Jan Burns, Friends Select School
Felicia Taylor, Greene Street Friends School



“be the calm eye of the storm where nothing phases you, focus on your centre to remain balanced, let your life flow like a stream of wind”
― Jay Woodman