Zoom Instructions


  • Each meeting has a unique 9, 10, or 11-digit number called a Meeting ID that will be required to join a Zoom meeting
  • Please have a headset with a microphone available to use. 
  • If you are joining via telephone, you will need the teleconferencing number provided in the invite. 

Additionally, you can test your connection to Zoom here.

Guidelines for Zoom Meeting for Worship:
  •  Mute:  It’s important that you stay muted until you are moved to speak so that other participants can worship and hear without interruption. The mute button should be on your screen, and it has an image of a microphone. The convener of the meeting is able to mute anyone. If you are muted by the convener, it is to reduce background noise. You can unmute yourself if you wish to share a message.  
  • Chat: We ask that Friends do not use the Chat feature until after Worship is concluded, unless it is needed for administrative purposes. Please feel free to use Chat during greetings and introductions. Each participant is able to close their Chat window using the small arrows in the upper left of that window or the tool bar at the bottom of the screen. Friends are also able to select a specific person to Chat with, rather than sending a message to everyone.  
  • Gallery View/Speaker View:  Each participant may select the view you wish to use, and you can toggle between the two views. Just click on the button “Gallery View/Speaker View” to see the difference. Speaker View enlarges the image of the person speaking, and Gallery View keeps all the boxes the same size.  
  • See All Participants:  When using Gallery View, there are arrows to the sides (you may have to hover over the sides of the screen to see the arrows), and those arrows allow you to see the next screen. Only 20-25 participants are shown on one screen. Use the arrows to see more participants.  
  • Video/Audio:  Please show your video. 
  • Set Up in Advance: Take a few minutes and go into the Zoom meeting prior to Meeting for Worship to familiarize yourself with the setup.