Friends Council Acknowledges One Year of Schooling through the Pandemic


Today, Thursday, March 11, 2021, is the one-year anniversary of when the COVID pandemic first began impacting Friends schools across the country. The pandemic has had a significant influence on all of our work as Friends school educators, and on our lives overall.

Friends Council acknowledges this one year anniversary in two ways:

First, with our message of deep gratitude for all in our Friends School communities who have demonstrated strength, perseverance, optimism, and commitment to continuing to provide a Friends education throughout this time. You can read the message, delivered via QuakerEd News Special Edition today, here.

We also share our article, "Grounded in Matters of the Spirit: Schooling through the Pandemic" published in the March 2021 issue of Friends Journal this month, available here. For this piece we reflected on  what lessons have we learned in the past year about the fragility of our lives and our ability to adapt and shared four key learnings and responses. We invite you to read about them in Friends Journal here. 



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