Look What's New! SEASN Peer Network!

There's a new peer network to celebrate!

SEASN - Student Environmental And Sustainability Network is up and running. Initiated in November 2020 by Friends Select student Corey Becker, this group of students and faculty aim to "maximize our collective impact on the climate crisis while helping each other achieve higher levels of environmental stewardship. The group wants to encourage, offer guidance and use its influence to encourage broader climate solutions support for a just transition for a greener future."

The group is meeting about every three weeks and is using SLACK for networking and communication. SEASN has grown quickly and now includes over 35 students and faculty from about 10 different Friends schools. We're also grateful to have the wisdom of Mary Ann Boyer, of Boyer Sudduth Environmental Consultants as a member of this group. New students and faculty are welcome. 
SEASN will join with FEEN - the Friends Environmental Educators Network - for their spring gathering hosted on Zoom this year by Friends' Central faculty. SAVE THE DATE! Tuesday, April 27, 2021 from 4pm to 6pm. The theme is Sustainability and Activism in an Age of COVID and Zoom. 

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