Quaker-based Decision Making for Students

Sixty students from 11 Friends schools, along with their faculty advisors, participated in Friends Council's workshop on using Quaker Based Decision Making in Friends Schools. The workshop brought students together to share about when and how Quaker based decision making is used in their schools and to learn from each other about new possibilities.

Students exchanged ideas on committee structure styles and practice and learned new vocabulary and facilitation techniques for Quaker based decision making. They also workshopped various scenarios in which Quaker Meeting for Business could be utilized and role played the process of reaching consensus. This QBD workshop is just one of many ways FCE works to "Keep the Q in Quaker Education."

Many thanks to this workshop's team of co-clerks, including Betsy Swan, Westtown School; Tom Hoopes, George School; Ellen Johnson, Wilmington Friends School; Melissa McCourt, Moorestown Friends School; Kiri Harris, Greene Street Friends School, and Deborra Sines Pancoe, Friends Council on Education.

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