Spring 2019 Heads Gathering

Heads of Friends schools peer network gathering is one of the many ways Friends Council strives to keep the Q in Quaker Education. Each spring and fall, we bring together heads of Friends schools from all over the country to learn and explore ideas old and new and explore the unique joys and challenges of leading in a Friends school.  

A key feature of this year’s heads gathering was a Friday morning workshop with David L. Gleason, PsyD, who presented “At What Cost: Defending Adolescent Development in Fiercely Competitive Schools” about the impact the current educational system is having on the mental health of the iGeneration. It is Gleason’s view, based on his many years as a school psychologist, that this generation is on the brink of the largest mental health crisis ever and that the structure and intensity of our education system is part of the cause.  Through his work in schools, Gleason has witnessed a notable progression and increase in students experiencing anxiety and stress. At the heart of the problem is that teenage brains are not yet fully formed. Gleason now works with schools and educators on identifying how to create schools that will nurture and support teens.

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