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Spring 2023 Annual Meeting

It was a joyous and love-filled occasion as Board members, heads of schools, trustees and major supporters of Friends Council gathered at Friends Center on April 20th for the spring luncheon and annual meeting. More than 100 guests gathered together and smiles, hugs, and laughter abounded as friends old and new connected and reconnected. In attendance were guests of Dr. Darryl Ford who came to celebrate Darryl as he received our Leadership in Service to Friends Education Award. 

Central to the annual meeting was standard Friends Council business. Drew Smith presented his executive director’s report, spotlighting the growth in Friends Council’s Educators New to Quakerism – 19 workshops this year! – as well as our Recentering Quakerism workshops, programs for parents, and the resumption of Member Renewal Process visits. We honored our Evergreen Circle of Friends members – thank you for making Friends education a philanthropic priority by making a planned gift to Friends Council! We said farewell and thank you to two departing Board members – Jane Fernandes and Mike Hanas – whose terms are drawing to a close. We welcomed new Board members whose tenure will start in late summer 2023 – Ken Aldridge, Michelle Holland, Dorothy "Dot" Lopez, and Anne Houtman. Please check out our Featured News story, Tributes to Departing Board Members.

A highlight of the Annual Meeting was the presentation of Friends Council’s Leadership in Service to Friends Education Award to Darryl J. Ford. We’ve covered this in full detail in our featured news story entitled, Darryl J. Ford receives Leadership in Service to Friends Education Award.

We invite you to view the photo gallery from the Spring Annual Meeting 2023 here. 

Photo credit for the photo gallery: Michelle Smith of Amit Gabai Photography

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