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Spring 2023 Heads Gathering

Peaceful Schools and Heads-Trustees Gathering

The two-day spring heads gathering was full of opportunities for learning and connection. Following the spring luncheon and annual meeting, heads gathered for a workshop introduction to the Peaceful Schools program and a head of school-trustee evening program organized by ADVIS. Heads met in affinity groups on Friday morning.

Carolina Friends School educators Karen Cumberbatch, Ida Trisolini, and Crystal Butchart engaged heads in understanding the Peaceful Schools curriculum. This curriculum guides schools in taking a proactive approach to conflict resolution. Instead of implementing conflict resolution measures after a conflict has already happened, Peaceful Schools focuses 80% of the work on developing community. In 2022-23, 676 educators and school leaders as well as 12,000 students across North Carolina engaged in the Peaceful Schools curriculum.

Following the Peaceful Schools workshop, heads attended a heads-trustees gathering at La Salle College High School. The hallmark of the evening was the ADVIS-run program “The School’s Most Important Relationship – The Head-Chair Partnership” with featured speaker Oliver G. Prince, Jr., Principal of the Prince Group. Led by Prince in a give-and-take session, heads and trustees discussed why the head-chair relationship is so critical to school success, the importance of knowing and staying in one’s respective lane, effective communication between chair and head, managing conflict, and more.

Friday morning heads returned to Friends Center to meet in race-alike affinity groups to discuss and explore their own experiences leading their schools as either educators of color or white educators. After coming together as a full group to share feedback from the affinity groups, heads discussed plans for future heads gatherings. 

We invite you to view the photo gallery from our Spring Heads Gathering 2023 here. 

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