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Statement Affirming Transgender and Non-Binary Individuals
Statement Affirming Transgender and Non-Binary Individuals
October 26, 2018

Quaker schools across the country offer education that encourages the creation of connected communities in a climate of equality and respect for all. Included in the mission of all of Friends Council on Education’s 78 member schools are the deeply held beliefs that all people are equal and are worthy of respect, and that all voices are valued and needed. These principles require us to listen for the truth in the words of everyone in our community, regardless of age, social status, race, religion, or gender identity.

We believe that safety is a prerequisite for our students and faculty to exercise their imaginations in the search for truth and knowledge. This includes physical safety to provide a learning space that is both secure and welcoming, and emotional safety to allow all school community members to share of themselves and their opinions without fear of reprisal, retribution, or ridicule.

In light of the current presidential administration’s proposal to narrowly define biological sex under Title IX -- a definition which excludes transgender, intersex, and non-binary individuals -- Friends Council on Education affirms, supports, and stands with all transgender, intersex, and non-binary members in our school communities, including students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents/guardians,  grandparents and extended family members.

As part of that affirmation, Friends Council on Education will continue to support the creation of safe spaces in our schools through policy and practices that affirm the right to live safely and equally according to one’s gender identity. We reject any attempt to undermine or erase the basic humanity of any person.

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