Technology and Tech Integration in Friends Schools - Keeping the Quaker heart during distance learning

Technology and Tech Integration (TTI) educators from 17 Friends schools gathered via Zoom on May 4 to share ideas, challenges, questions and insights about how the Quaker heart of Friends schools helps to shape our connected classrooms and distance learning.

Clerked by Michael Moulton of William Penn Charter, topics ranged from the practical to the philosophical. TTI educators talked about the virtual role they play in helping teachers expand and improve their "remote teaching toolbox" as well as the physical role they have in equipment management.

Another topic of discussion was "How are schools dealing with pre-k to 2 students with technology?" Prior to the necessity for online learning, many Friends schools have advocated for limited use of screens for early childhood and up to second grade. Now, educators are working to shift their thinking and adjust to current at home learning environments. TTI educators shared strategies for coping with the sense of responsibility we feel for helping their colleagues preserve the sense of community within the collegial and staff community when everyone is working remotely, learning and teaching and parenting from home.

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