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Tributes to Departing Board Members

Every year at Friends Council’s Annual Meeting, we say thank you and farewell to outgoing members of the Board of Directors. This year, Friends Council honored two directors whose terms will draw to a close this summer: Jane Fernandes and Mike Hanas.

Jane Fernandes
President, Antioch College

Jane Fernandes has served on the Friends Council Board of Directors for eight years. Drew Smith did the honors of recognizing Jane’s service to Friends Council and Friends Education. “We have appreciated Jane’s willingness to share some of the innovative work she led at Guilford to transform the student experience to meet the demands of our current era. She even brought along some of her colleagues to come do a presentation for heads and board," he said. “What we appreciated most and will miss is her willingness to share her professional and personal experience with us and her willingness to share of herself. She's open to others to help build community, and she clearly cares deeply for the work that we do to make the world better. Thank you for your service, Jane.”


Mike Hanas
Consultant, Executive Coach at Furthering Leadership, former head of San Francisco Friends School and Carolina Friends School

Mike Hanas has served on the Friends Council Board of Directors for eight years. During his tenure, Mike served as clerk of the Development Committee and as Secretary on the Executive Committee. In paying tribute to Mike, Friends Council Board clerk Toni Graves Williamson acknowledged Mike’s leadership, his ability to have a good time, and his skill and talent in bringing people together. “That's what I appreciate, and I think we'll probably miss the most about Mike is the way that he works to build connections,” she said “What I'll miss most is the way that you always have a great big smile, and you're always helping us to stay connected, so we know we'll stay connected with you.”

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