Mindfulness Resources

Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

Young, Shinzen. 2005.
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Brief Mindful Activities with Students in their Classrooms

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Communicating Mindfully: Mindfulness-Based Communication and Emotional Intelligence
by Dan Huston, (580kb)

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CORE Skills and Habits of Mind
Strengthening the foundation for teaching and learning

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Eating Meditation

by Richard Brady
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Mind as a Muscle

Two activities for developing concentration power, developed by Irene McHenry
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Mindful Listening

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Mindful Observing

Two brief descriptions of activities.
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Mindfulness in Education Initiatives
Mindfulness NAIS February 2011

Mindfulness: A Core Skills Framework for Independent & Public Schools 
Powerpoint presentation by Irene McHenry
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Mindfulness: Resource List

Compiled by Irene McHenry, PhD, 2016, 70kb
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