Friends School Sustainability Survey

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Friends School Sustainability Survey

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Sustainability Starts with Us Now

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For CFO's, Business and Facility Managers and other school stakeholders

Delaware Valley Friends School
Highlights of Presentations with contact and resources
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Friends Environmental Education Network (FEEN)

Friends schools have a special obligation to include environmental education in their programs in order to promote a sustainable future for all life. Our students should learn how they can best understand, preserve, and restore the natural processes, resources, and beauty so vital to the earth and to humankind's physical and spiritual health.

FEEN Group for sharing ideas and resources for environmental education in Friends schools.

friendscouncil.NET is an educational networking platform which includes discussion boards, videos, groups, personal comment walls, and friend connections. We've created an open group for each of our peer networks. It is our hope that these online dimensions will strengthen the network of support and collaboration across Friends education. Membership is required.

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Statement of Purpose

Drafted by the Friends Environmental Education Network

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2013 FEEN Minute

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Toxins in School Environments

Squeaky Clean??

Toxic Schools: Are your cleaning and pest management practices safe for students and the environment?

Westtown convened a workshop on February 2, 2006 on the topic of toxins in the school environment. Schools use products in their cleaning and pest management practices which often contain toxic chemicals. Indoor air quality is a major concern. Increases in asthma, other respiratory illnesses, allergies and longer term risks for cancer and immunodeficiency diseases are common. How can schools provide a clean, healthy, pest-free environment and not put students at risk?

Find related links and Downloadable Resources from February 2006 workshop below.

Environmental Exposures to Toxins: Reasons for Concern

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Green Flag Web Resource List on Integrated Pest Management

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Article: Growing up on pesticides

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Beyond Pesticides website & info

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Westtown School Green Flag Program & Resources

Be part of the Green Flag Program for Schools

Westtown School, as a participant in the Friends Environmental Educators Network, hosted a regional orientation to the Green Flag Program in June 2005. Green Flag orientation packets were made available at the 2005 October Heads of school gathering. This message board will contain information and downloadable documents about the areas addressed by the Green Flag Program and other topics related to greening Friends schools, for the benefit of participating schools near and far.

21st Century 3Rs

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About the Green Flag Program

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Green Flag Survey

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Office Supply Guide

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Quaker Schools & the Environment, Reflections and Queries

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Why Recycling is Good

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