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Anti-Semitism and Vandalism Against Jewish Communities

Mar 1, 2017


Deep Listening in a Divided Age - Letter to Editor

FCE STATEMENT - November 2016

Embracing the Tension at Friends’ Central School

FCE STATEMENT - Feb 15, 2017      

Quaker Schools Continue to Grow and Deepen Community,

Dec 16, 2016

Letter written by Drew Smith in response to Donna Orem's November 15, 2016 article, "Building Community in the Wake of a Contentious Election Season." The letter appears on the NAIS Independent School Blog.

Supporting Transgender and NonBinary Students

Feb 23, 2017


Coping Strategies and Positive Actions, 2012-13

Coping Strategies and Positive Actions, December 2012

Letters to school communities and resources for caring for one another during tragic events.
Abington Friends School
Rich Nourie, Head of School
    Mary McDowell Friends School Response to Hurricane Sandy
Debbie Zlotowitz, Head of School 
Buckingham Friends School
Lucretia Wells, Head of School
    New York Yearly Meeting
Prayer Vigil for Newtown, CT, and All Those Impacted By This Event
Cambridge Friends School
Diana Foster, Assistant Head of School
    Newtown Friends School
Dana Harrison, Head of School
Cambridge Friends School
Peter Sommer, Head of School
    Oakwood Friends School
Peter Baily, Head of School
Frankford Friends School
Penny Colgan-Davis, Head of School
    Plymouth Meeting Friends School
Sarah Sweeney-Denham, Head of School
Friends Academy of Westampton
Rose Magrann, Head of School
    Princeton Friends School
Jane Fremon, Head of School
Friends School Haverford
Michael Zimmerman, Head of School
    Quaker School at Horsham
Ruth Joray, Head of School
Friends School Mullica Hill
Beth Reaves, Head of School
    Scattergood Friends School
Christine Ashley, Head of School
Helping Children Cope with The Newtown Shootings
Sent by Lili Herbert, FS Minnesota Head of School
    Sidwell Friends School
Tom Farquhar, Head of School
Friends School of Portland
Jonathan Wells, Teacher Grades 1 & 2
    United Friends School
Nancy Donnelly, Head of School
Friends Seminary
Bo Lauder, Head of School 
    USDE Offers Resources Following Newtown Shootings
CAPE (Council for American Private Education) 
Germantown Friends School
Dick Wade, Head of School  
    West Chester Friends School
Matt Bradley, Head of School
Germantown Friends School
Craig Stevens, School Psychologist 
    Westbury Friends School
Gerri Faivre, Head of School
Germantown Friends School
Craig Stevens, School Psychologist 
    Westbury Friends School Initiative
Gerri Faivre, Head of School
Mary McDowell Friends School
Debbie Zlotowitz, Head of School
Beth Schneider, Associate Head   
    Wilmington Friends School
Bryan Garman, Head of School 

Quakers & the Flag and Pledge of Alligiance, 2002-03

Do Quakers Fly Flags?

A Dialogue on "Friends & the Flag"

Patriotism, Pledge of Allegiance, Flag Display
Friends Select School

HOUSE BILL The flag & pledge
PA H.B. 592 (Act 157 of 2002)

Larry Boggess [Former Head of School]

State College Friends School

Response to Act 157 of 2002 (PA H.B. 592)
Declared Unconstitutional

What is the Role of Quaker Education in a Time of Terror? December 2000

Currently out of print, PDF version only, click below.

Paul A. Lacey & Sarah Sweeney-Denham

Originally published in the "Journal of Religious and Theological Information" (December 2000), Lacey presents not only the distinctive pedagogical philosophy of Quaker education, but also discusses the special relevance of Friends values and educational methods in a time when America is at war. Includes a listing of print resources on Quaker values and education compiled by Friends Council on Education.
Article reprint

This article can be purchased by clicking the following: What is the Role of Quaker Education in a Time of Terror?